Relocate Germany

eBook How to painlessly relocate to Germany!

A guide to help you relocate to Germany and with everyday life in this beautiful country!

Over the years, we received many positive e-mails from people like you who liked the down-to-earth and useful advice on our web-site. People were happy to finally be able to find practical answers to their everyday questions, and to learn about the country itself.

“Bravo! this is the first time I had a real pleasure to find clear and useful information about moving abroad!!! the website is well built, clear simple and pleasant to use. thank you so much.” Carine Cornelis, from Germany

Although these e-mails are always very encouraging, we realized that most of them were also asking for more information about particular topics, mainly related to the intricacies of the German bureaucracy when you want to relocate to Germany, such as applying for a visa, or finding the proper health-care practitioner, etc.

And some of them (some of you) asked for a guide that could easily be downloaded and printed so it could be taken with them on their journey to Germany.

So, using our own experience to relocate to Germany and the development of the web-site, and the numerous comments that we have received up to now, we developed this e-guide to help you plan your own move and avoid some of our mistakes.

“Easy to understand. There don’t seem to be enough websites related to moving to Germany even on the British Embassy site in Germany ! Thanks.” Andrew from United Kingdom

In this eBook to Relocate to Germany, you will find information about what you need to do before you move but also about all the bureaucracy that is involved in such a move and the day-to-day matters that need attention once you are in Germany.

Like any other country in this world, Germany has its own way of doing things and these administrative procedures might look daunting at first. This guide will help you navigate through it all, avoiding the numerous pitfalls, from the moment you decide to move to Germany to your first enjoyable outing in this great country.

There are also a few added topics, such as Religion and the Law, that are not cover in the web-site. And of course,plenty of extra pictures and tips.

“If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.”Abigail Van Buren