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Celebrating Resurrection Miracle with Love from Germany

As the King of their Hearts returned from the grave to Mary Magdalene and Salome, the great joy of Easter commenced! In the Bavarian village of Oberammergau, the residents re-enact the Passions of Christ to keep their commitment of faith to the Lord. Every ten years they enact the six hours long epic clay in celebration of the mythical event. 2020 is a scheduled year, so you should be ready to behold this great spectacle.

The myth

He resurrected in the glory of the Holy Father. As the heavenly abode welcomed the Son of God, the Messiah, the miracle unfolded in the celebration of faith. Such majestic is the beauty of His Love for mankind, that he raised himself for saving those same people who were there in crucifying him. O, how did he sacrifice his blood on the Cross? The events that began from the Last Supper were too fateful to comprehend. The betrayal, the denial, the suffering, and then that doomed road to Golgotha were too painful to behold. The Lord did send Simone to carry the cross for rest of the way, but what more could he do? The son was willing to sacrifice.

The sun went dark as the chosen one died on the cross. The devout women kept the Sabbath as they waited by his grave on those fateful days. Blessed with the Holy promise of returning for forever and ever, this celebration of Life after death is a source of eternal happiness. The great joy of faith knows no bound, forever and ever.

The time

The date of Easter Sunday varies. This may seem surprising until you realize that it’s the lunar calendar reference set by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The time is on the day of the First Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox. It is also coinciding with the Jewish Passover. As the Gregorian calendar used is not according to moon cycles, the Easter date is different every year. In the coming year, it is on 12th April, Sunday. 

A lovely occasion

In Germany, it is really special because of so many unique traditions. Very few Christians all over the world may actually know that the Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny are originally German traditions! As the legend is, the Dutchess Rosilinda von Lindenberg was the first person who colored a few eggs and hid them for the children to find. She and her children were hiding in a village, escaping from war. As the villagers offered them safety, in her gratefulness she decided to rear chickens for them. It was then that she thought upon playing this simple game with the eggs. So, as the kids were looking about, all of a sudden, a hare jumped in front of them from a grass thicket. Lo! There were eggs!

Do remember to visit the Ostereimuseum or the biggest Easter Eggs Collection of the whole world. It makes a great time for a perfect family vacation. Apart from the fun tradition of finding the Easter eggs, people also decorate a special tree with colorful eggs tied to its branches. This is Germany’s own Tree of Life, the Ostereierbaum celebrating the resurrection! You can also have your own Easter Eggs tree, which is usually a Pussy Willow sapling. Many renowned families have huge trees with thousands of beautifully decorated eggs to behold. One can also find out community trees in almost every town and hamlet.

It is one of the most important yearly events as there are two weeks of school vacation. The commemoration begins from Palm Sunday, on the day Jesus entered Jerusalem. These seven days to Easter Sunday is the Holy Week, called Karwoche in Germany. On Karfreitag or Good Friday, the mood remains somber in remembrance of the great sacrifice made by the Son of God. In 12 German states, an official prohibition on loud music marks the solemnity of the occasion.

Another special event is the elaborate designing of community water fountains to celebrate the flow of eternal life from God. The most beautiful of these is probably the one in the Bieberbach Village of Bavaria. It is a Guinness World Record winner. These are public display artworks that attract tourists from all over the world.

Psalm 36:9 New International Version (NIV)

For with you is the fountain of life;
    in your light we see light.

People celebrate with a lot of chocolates and sweet dishes. Do not miss the Hefezopf, the wonderfully sweetened bread rich with raisins! Children especially savor the chocolate bunny and the sugary lamb cake. The celebration ends with another exclusive event called the Osterfeuer. This ceremony coincides with the pagan rituals welcoming spring. It is but a great bonfire that the community people lit up in a safe open space around sunset time on Holy Saturday. It is a really big fire that burns throughout the night. Many towns arrange mini carnivals surrounding this Holy Flame.

Welcome to Germany.   

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Fun Facts to Coax You to Visit Germany Soon

The agenda of this article is pretty straightforward. It means to encourage you to visit Germany as soon as possible. It is just so that you can have the time of your life. Get ready to enjoy fantastic nature trails, visit weird museums, drink beer openly (it is legal), try to speak German in the right way, and so much more! Especially for students all over the world, head over to in and around Berlin now! This is because university education in good old Deutschland is free for all, even for non-Germans. Germany welcomes you to share its culture of work ethics balanced with fun! In fact, some facts about Germany are so strange that foreigners may actually find it a bit weird to believe! Here you go.

The top ten strange things

Precisely, here are the best ten reasons why living in Germany is different.

  1. Sundays are more than just national holidays. It should be rare to find anything open on the seventh day. All the department stores and shops take a sabbatical. People enjoy their leisurely walks and bonding with each other. So much so, any kind of drilling work is illegal on a Sunday, and that includes even DIY home renovation projects.
  2. The Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world, and it begins a good two weeks before October. Munich is one of the major centers of this Bavarian country celebration. Special traditional beer drinking flasks called steins are novelty items with detailed engravings and etched designs. The brewed beverage must be according to the German Purity Law. It is actually an official food of Bavaria. The Germans love the beverage so much that it is legal to drink it openly. The Germans brew about 1500 varieties of their favorite drink. (FYI: Ireland first, Germans Second as for beer consumption).

If you order with your first finger at a bar, you get two beers because the thumb counts as another one. Just use the thumb if you want only one. However, do not drive under influence though. In fact, even cycling under influence is under strict prohibition.

  • There is a common folk belief that fresh air from an open window can cause illness.
  • You cannot tune your piano in the night. It is against law. It is also against law in most states to play loud music on Good Friday.
  • Be careful with the language and the quirks of it. For example, to say Danke or Thanks in response to a question can actually mean “No, thanks”. JFK, on his famous visit to Berlin, said “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”, which translates roughly as “I am a jelly donut”. Moreover, be polite to the police because even arrogance can cause you a hefty fine. The government (precisely, the Standesamt or the civil registrations office) can reject baby names that do not make the gender of the newborn obvious.
  • Flipping the middle finger is a serious offense and can cause you fine. Prostitution is legal though. Sex workers have their due respect over here.
  • Football is an incredibly popular activity. In fact, here one can find more football fan clubs than anywhere else in the world!
  • There are 300 varieties of bread and 1000 different kinds of sausages! The currywurst is the most famous type. More than 800 million of these disappear every year from dishes. There is also a museum dedicated to this.
  • Local people call the chancellor’s office as the ‘washing machine’. There is a Barbie Doll fashioned after Angela Merkel (which probably does not look much like her anyway).
  • The Germans do not punish anyone caught trying to escape from their prisons, for they believe that it is the natural right of a person to want to be free.

On a serious note

On a serious note, the Germans are hardworking, straightforward and honest people and anything against these basic natural traits typically raise eyebrows. It is illegal to deny the Holocaust in Germany. The city of Berlin is 9 times as big as the city of Paris. It also has more bridges than Venice. The rail station in Berlin is the biggest in all of Europe. Popular traditions such as the Christmas tree, the Easter Eggs hunt, and the Easter Bunny all have their origins in Germany. On the first day of school, each child receives a cone filled with candies and donuts. There is an Easter Eggs museum near Stuttgart. Other weird archives include the Hygiene museum, the museum of unheard things, and the museum of dialogue.

The Easter celebrations here are among the most prolific in Europe or anywhere in the world. Schools give a two-week vacation.There is also this unique tradition of lighting up a special Easter bonfire to herald the onset of spring, correlating with pagan traditions. They keep the fire lit throughout the Easter night.