We started this web-site, Journey to Germany, just a few months after our arrival in this wunderbar country. 

We were new in town, just arrived from Canada, could speak only a few words of German and had a lot of trouble to find any information in English about the process of settling into Germany and day to day life in the country itself. After all, we didn’t want to be like most tourists who don’t really have to interact with Germans and don’t get to know the country.

We talked to others who were new or who had lived in Germany for a while and they too found it extremely difficult to find good reliable information in English. We were all in the same situation: lots of info available, but almost all of it in a language that we couldn’t understand, i.e. German!

We decided that someone had to do something about it; to share our experiences, to make it easier for newcomers who do not speak much German on arrival. But, How?

We did find a couple of web-sites in English about Germany, but they were mostly written by German people and lack the perspective of an Auslander (a foreigner). What might seem too obvious or unnecessary for a German to explain can be an extraordinary fact for a newcomer.

I also started blogging and kept a travelog “A year in Germany” during that first year. This eBook is pact with our adventures and thoughts about this new country. If you want to know what it’s like to live in Germany, go see “A year in Germany”.

We then thought of making a web-site ourselves, one written by and for Auslanders, but how do you do that? We are not web designers and do not have loads of money to pay someone to make one. We also really enjoy sharing our own ideas and experiences and telling stories to others.