A year in Germany

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to live a year in Germany? In a new country? One where you can barely understand what the people are telling you?

That’s what we decided to do: We packed our stuff, rent the house and left for Germany, a country that we knew almost nothing about!

This book is made of entries from a travelog that I kept during a year in Germany. It should not be seen as a collection of facts as much as a rendering of what I felt and thought at the time. Actually, some of the “facts” that I reported then ended out to be a bit off the track… Everyone’s human! LOL

It has been a great journey of discoveries and adventures throughout Germany but also in other parts of Europe. Germany is really fantastic for that: it is more or less in the center of Europe and just a short distance away from other countries. And thus, although I wrote mainly about Germany, I also have a few pieces about Italy, France, etc.

But first, let me explain why I started a journal on the internet. You see,“Because it took the phone company almost 8 weeks before hooking us up to their network, we couldn’t make long distance calls to our family and friends back home and we didn’t have connection to the internet either. So, except for my family at night, I had nobody to talk to…”

And so, to stay sane, I decided to join “a group of English speaking bloggers and must admit that I was trill at the first comments I got from readers. And the possibility to express myself felt so good! … even after I learned German enough to have a conversation, I continued blogging”

This book, a year in Germany, is therefore an account of our daily life in a new country. We found our way through the bureaucratic maze, we drank some nice Dunklesbier in an open Bier Garten in the middle of February, we got lost between villages and marveled at the many Schloss along the Neckar River and beyond. So, if you would like to know how it feels to be in a new country, this eBook is for you!