6 Reasons Why Germany is an Amazing Land

6 Reasons Why Germany is an Amazing Land

October 3, 2019 0 By Gary

Living in Germany is truly amazing just as the country is. If you are a foreigner who has lived in this land for a while, your eyes have likely opened to compare the predominant differences among the varied cultures and lifestyles in various parts of the world. You have noted that outstanding reasons many people consider Germans privileged people. Here are the top reasons why this land rocks, and you should consider making it your next destination.

Plenty of Epic Travel Opportunities

Living in Germany means that you have plenty of travel opportunities. You can visit many iconic places, such as Heidelberg, Lubeck, and Neckar valley. Other than that, many other countries are on your doorstep. Germany has great international  borders with Australia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, and Belgium. In the entire of the European Union, that is the most significant number of borders. So, you have opportunities to take a train or a bus at anytime and begin your international tours. The existence of short flight times also makes it possible for you to visit many countries and back in a single weekend.

Thus, if you love longer travel stints, you are well covered. You can make one of the most outstanding inter-rail networks and still achieve your goal of hopping from one country to another. In this regard, Germany and the entire of Europe have exceptional travel opportunities that can meet your varied touring needs.

Affordable Living Cost

Germany has a comparatively low cost of living. According to a credible study, this country in Western Europe offers expats more bang for their buck than many others do. This study ranked Berlin at position 106 out of 200. London appeared at position 12. However, Zurich, Geneva, and Bern made it to the third, fifth, and ninth positions. As you can see, the three Swiss cities are the most convenient places to live in if cost of living is your concern..

What all this means is that if you want to live in a place where you can eat what you want from morning to evening without feeling the pinch like other people do, Germany is your ideal destination.

Enchanting Public Holidays

You have plenty of opportunities to rest due to the high number of public holidays in the land. These holidays do not count towards your leaves. Some cities are also extremely generous with these important day-offs. If you reside in the wealthy state of Bavaria, you will enjoy at least 13 major public holidays each year. What’s more, many companies in Germany provide 30 days leave as the standard. But you can expect another two weeks free. These are the times you can give your lovely dogs the special attention that they deserve or explore Germany and its neighboring countries.

Ease of Getting Jobs

The healthy economy of Germany makes it incredibly easy for you to get the most rewarding jobs. The private sector is highly viable. Since 2008 when the entire world witnessed the unprecedented economic meltdown, the unemployment rate in the country has been falling at a stable rate. In November 2018, it hit a low of 3.3%. And all this did not end just at that. The government has predicted that this trend is set to continue, and the demand of many professionals will continue to amplify beyond 2030.  

Affordable Childcare

The German government has substantially subsidized the cost of raising children in the country. If you are living in this country, the social welfare system guarantees you at least €194 per child that is under your care. Depending on the financial condition of your family, you are also guaranteed generous tax cuts.

Healthy Beer

When it comes to drinks, you cannot separate Germans with fresh beer. The land boasts of more than 1,300 breweries and 5,000 brands that are helping the residents and citizens to drink high-quality beer in more quantities than any other European nation other than the Czech Republic.

The nation’s law ensures that your beer will have no adverse impact on your health. The Deutsches Reinheitsgebot regulation requires that you can only mix your beer with hops, barley, and water. This 1516 statute has never disappointed the people who drink beer. They are safe.

Final Thoughts

There are just so many reasons why Germany is a great country that should be on your radar. From the quality of food and drinks to the iconic scenes and stable economy, you cannot lack a few fantastic things to point at despite how you think of the country. For that matter, if you are looking for a safe place where you can settle in or visit for a while, you now know what you need to do. Germany is a perfect location for you if these fantastic things impress you.